New Product: Ghost Bow Flatbows

Introducing the brand new Ghost Flatbow.

This is one of the latest flatbows to come to Wales Archery Specialists and we are proud to announce it.

The Ghost Flatbows are designed by an archery for the archer, with this in mind the initial grip of the bow is very different to most Flatbows on the market. The grip is designed more like a pistol grip that is associated with the modern recurve, what this does is it allows an accurate and repeatable grip on the bow every single time.

The arrow shelf of this bow is designed in a way that it arches allowing for a minimal amount of feather contact resulting in a more accurate shot. The highest grades of wood are used in the construction of this bow making it smooth, fast and with virtually no hand shock after the release.

The bows also have a small line of colouring going down the grain to make these bows distinct or you can have it completely plain, the choice is entirely yours.