The Hoyt Alero Recurve Riser 2018!

The Alero is Hoyt's brand new 2018 recurve ILF (International Limb Fit) riser, with an anodized finish that makes the riser able to withstand the toughest of punishments. The riser has four colours three of which you will recognize Championship Red, Cobalt Blue, Jet Black and the new GunMetal Grey. Each one of these colours is finished in a high polish anodized finish.

Hoyt has designed this riser with the original Earl Hoyt geometry that gives it performance, comfort and reliability that we have all come to expect from Hoyt Products. The riser is designed with the Hoyt Dove-Tail limb bolt system allowing you to change the tillering of the bow to get it just right for you.

The Alero Riser is being released by Hoyt at the end of January, we are expected to receive the riser within the first few weeks of February.

It will be shortly available for pre-orders, If you have any questions regarding the new riser please feel free to contact us.