Wales Archery goes to the ATA Show (Archery Trade Assocation)

Ian and Graham Weller have both just arrived back from there visit to the ATA show over in Indianapolis. Their time over there was not spent laying about, from seminars starting at 07:00am with George Ryals IV.

When the seminars are over the show then starts at 08:30am, trying to fit in as much as they can in the time frame.

Above are an assortment of some of Hoyts Latest compound bows.

 The Shrewd stall had some very interesting items on display that we will be stocking as soon as we can get our hands on them, a small taster of the items below that we will be stocking.

The all new Revel Series recurve stabilization system shot by Brady Elison

The brand new Remedy Compound arrow rest with unparalleled adjustment and durability.


The Brand new Hoyt target Quiver available from us now in either Hoyt Red or Buckskin also available in the field quiver option Here.

Hoyt brand new 2018 hard wearing backpack designed as much for comfort as practical use Here.

These custom points are made from the highest grade tool steel available with an option for a high resistance colour finish.

Axles Achieve RX sight with the brand new Curve RXF recurve scope.

The show then ends at 17:00 just in time for Graham and Ian to start their business meetings lasting from 17:30pm to 22:00pm. I think we can all appreciate that is one long day out of the many that they have there, not the relaxing holiday we all thought it was.

We have some fantastic new products coming to the store soon, as soon as we get our hands on them the blog will be updated with all of the information on them.