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Youth Festival 2018

Congratulations to everyone who has shot at the youth festival and a special congratulations to our sponsored archers, the conditions got challenging but you stuck it through and showed what true athletes can do.

Congratulations to Darragh Joyce on his gold in the individuals, his mixed team gold, team gold and for ranking number one  in the gents cadet recurve category.


Congratulations to Nicole Burdett on her gold medal in the individual ladies cadet recurve category.


Congratulations to Ryan Pinder on his silver medal in the junior gents recurve category.

Congratulations to Thea Rogers on not only her bronze medal  in the individuals but also her silver team medal in the ladies cadet recurve category.


Congratulations to Jacob Barrett-Rees on his mixed team bronze medal in the gents cadet recurve category and well done to Finley and grace Barrett Rees.

Congratulations to Holly Clifford on her silver medal shooting in the ladies cadet compound category.

Congratulations to Ella Gibson on not only her Bronze medal in the individuals but also on her mixed team gold and the team Bronze in the junior ladies compound category.


Congratulations to Lucy Mason on her gold medal in the individual junior ladies compound category shooting with her new Ultra View grip.


Congratulations to Cloe A'Bear coming fourth in the ladies cadets compound category.


Congratulations to Dru Ridding coming fourth in the individual junior gents compound category.