Hoyt Carbon RX-8 Ultra Special Order Camo Colours

Special Order Item Four to Eight Weeks Delivery Time

Hoyt Carbon Technology has a shot experience unlike anything else. Warm to the touch, quiet, lightweight, and ridiculously smooth. No bow has a stronger strength-to-weight ratio and can withstand Mother Nature’s worst like the Carbon RX-8.


HBX Xact Cam. Delivering the perfect shot experience one 1/4" at a time.

Experience unmatched smoothness and tailor your performance like never before. 1/4" draw length adjustments, 3, 2, 1 Mod system for peak performance in all draw lengths, X-hard and hard wall options, and 85/80/75% Let off. Plus an integrated kickstand to protect your string from excess wear in the field.

VitalPoint Grip. Hands down our most comfortable grip to date.

Made from durable Versaflex material for ultimate comfort in all conditions, VitalPoint is designed at an optimal angle to deliver consistent hand placement and accuracy.


When the ground is crunchy, you can appreciate a bow that’s warm to the touch.

One of the most amazing aspects of carbon is how it doesn’t freeze up, unlike a block of aluminium. That’s not just a comfort bonus, that’s a cold morning game changer.

New WireWRX Bow Strings and Holeshot V2 Silencers. The little things that make a huge difference.

New for 2024, WireWRX strings are designed as part of our bows' shooting system and include Holeshot V2 string silencers that reduce string vibration by 25% – a noticeable performance advantage over other aftermarket strings.


- Axle to Axle: 34.688"

- Bow weight: 4.4lbs

- Draw length: 27-28", 28.25-30", 30.25-32"

- Draw weight: 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80lbs

- Brace height: 7 1/16"

- ATA speed: 332fps

Official Archery GB Partner

We are Proud Sponsor and Official Youth Tournament Partner of Archery GB. 

We look forward to working with Archery GB to help the sport grow and flourish.