Quad Ultra Rest MXT

This is the popular, drop-away Ultrarest on steroids. It has microadjust capabilities, so you can tune the rest to your bow with extreme precision. Also, it has a greater left-right adjustment range, so spacers aren't needed to fit some bows, and the cord-attachment point is easier to access, so changing draw cords isn't as difficult as it is on other models.

• Total arrow containment that keeps the arrow from falling out
• Drops away for total fletching clearance
• Anti-backlash technology keeps the rest from bouncing back
• Click micro adjust for fine tuning (.00195” per click)
• Adjustable on both windage and elevation
• Rest drops only when the bow is shot
• Tested at over 400 fps with total fletching clearance
• Noise reducing laser-cut felt and rubber dampeners to ensure quiet operation

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