T.R.U. BALL GO2 Release Aid

T.R.U. BALL Archery has the most unique offering for 2020 in the new Jeff Hopkins signature series GO 2 release. The GO2 is a handheld release that can be fired as either an index trigger or a pinky trigger with the simple adjustment of two set screws. Each trigger option is independent and adjustments can be made to one without changing the other. The GO2 offers individual sensitivity and travel adjustments for each trigger option, and both feature lock screws to ensure a secure setting. This all-aluminium handle release comes standard with three sized finger rings (small, medium, or large), allowing the archer to choose the ring size that best fits their hand. Simply load the release by by depressing the cocking bar and by manually closing the bail around the d-loop. the GO2 has a lanyard attachment hole on the back of the release to insure accidental dropping or loss.

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Official Archery GB Partner

We are Proud Sponsor and Official Youth Tournament Partner of Archery GB. 

We look forward to working with Archery GB to help the sport grow and flourish.