RineHart Targets

We are proud to introduce Rinehart 3D targets.

You might be asking what is the difference between these 3D targets and all of the rest?

There are really only two things that separate them but those two things make the world of difference!

First of all longevity, the kill zones on each of these targets are removable so when you have shot it out just pull it out and replace with a brand new one. I know what you are thinking if it is that easy won't it just fall out when I am shooting? The answer is no,each of the inserts comes with unique locking tubes that hold it in place until you need to change it. When that time comes pull the tube out push the insert out then slip the new insert in along with the locking tube it's that simple and for your piece of mind, the locking tubes are completely hidden from view.

The second difference is the unique self-healing material that all of the targets are made from, not only does it give the targets longevity but it also makes pulling arrows out much much easier that's a big bonus in my eyes.

The Rinehart targets are more expensive than their counterparts but I think the benefits far outweigh that little extra cost, being able to just buy a new centre itself is a huge saving rather than having to purchase a whole new target.

The full range of our Rinehart targets can be found here.

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